Commonly grown as a shrub, Harlequin Glorybower can be an excellent small tree. Ours are trained as single stem trees via staking and careful pruning to develop a balanced canopy. Native to Eastern China and Japan, this unusual small ornamental tree is hardy through USDA Zone 7. When trained as a tree, it will reach 15-18 feet in height with a spread of about 12 feet.

Above, a Harlequin glorybower struts its fall color on a residential street in Portland’s Alameda neighborhood. Trees at left grace the parking lot at Garden Fever Nursery on Fremont Avenue.  Below, summer blooms embellish a tree that grows near St. Agatha Catholic Church in Sellwood.

At Treephoria, we grow Harlequin Glorybower as single stem trees. Branches are carefully pruned to develop a rounded, balanced canopy with sturdy, open branch angles. Fallen leaves reveal their winter structure. Trees pictured are 2.5 to 2.75 inches in caliper and are priced from $155 to $175. Prices begin at $105 for 1.5-inch caliper trees.